To book a table simply fill out this form on this page and someone will get back to you to confirm your booking.  You can book a table from 4pm in any of the 3 Maggie Mays.

Please note this form is only for bookings after 4pm. We normally don't take bookings before this time but if you get in touch with the cafe you would like to dine with by phone or via the contact form here.
(Normally bookings outside of these hours require preorders so if you have these ready this will help speed up the process!)

Bookings can be made up to a day in advance by this form.  If you would like to book a table for later in the day it is best to ring the restaurant you intend to dine at, as early possible.

Please let us know of any allergies or any special requirements of any of the dinners or indeed if it is a special occasion!  Also please note the small corkage charge for BYOB below.  Larger parties can be expected to be split over tables Maggie May’s seating is mostly booths especially in Botanic and Castle Street but we’ll do our best to get you all in the one place.

The Botanic Maggie Mays Belfast Cafe is a great choice for a BYOB restaurant before shows in The Empire or any sort of a night out along the Golden Mile.  Stranmillis Maggie Mays Belfast Cafe is super handy to Queens and Botanic Park.  While the Maggie Mays in Castle Street is a great Belfast City Center BYOB friendly option close to Castle Court and is a great place to catch up with friends after shopping.

If you make a booking via this form and haven’t head back from the restaurant at all within 24 hours please don’t hesitate to call.  The form should generate an automatic reply as soon as it is filled out and the Maggie Mays you have booked at will get back to you either by email or telephone.

Our corkage for BYOB is £1.50 for a bottle of wine & £1.50 for 4 Beers.
There are off licences very close by for to all 3 Maggie Mays Belfast Cafe for all your BYOB needs.  If you are unsure where just pop in and ask and someone will be able to give directions!

Don’t forget all Maggie Mays Cafes offer both sit-in & takeaway services.  If you are sitting in, you can BYOB @ £1.00 for a bottle of wine or 4 beers/ciders.
If you have any allergies or foods you need to avoid for health reasons and need to confirm a dishes ingredients don’t be afraid to ask one of our friendly staff.

Don't forget we also have delicious daily specials, ask for more details!

We really appreciate people getting in touch and telling us about their visit to Maggie Mays.  It helps us improve our food & service. 

If you have enjoyed your visit, it is very much appreciated if you can leave us a review on TripAdvisor for the appropriate Maggie Mays.  Positive ratings on TripAdvisor really help our business.  Links to each Maggie Mays Trip Advisor are on this page.

If, for whatever reason, you felt that your visit to Maggie Mays was below a very high standard we would really appreciate if you get in touch and tell us what went wrong. This will allow us to act on the problem much quicker.