Maggie Mays is a local family run chain of cafes that provides great tasting and great value breakfasts, lunches and dinners; whatever time of the day.  Maggie Mays is your home from home with artisan coffees, custom made milkshakes and the most amazing sweet treats to boot.

Maggie Mays doesn’t do many rules.  We serve breakfast all day.  We serve dinner all day.  We know that not all the hardworking folk of Belfast keep the same hours!

You can bring the kids; the dogs are welcome if they don’t mind dining al fresco and you can BYOB if you are coming with someone who drives you to drink!

Come in your work clothes, come in your gym kit, come in your Saturday night dress on a Sunday.  Nobody is going to judge you at Maggie Mays.

Maggie Mays also understands that people make ethical choices about their diet and tries to be as inclusive as we can with regards our menu.

We provide dairy free alternatives where milk is used in all our drinks and there are many vegan and vegetarian options on the menu.  If in doubt don’t be afraid to ask!

All photography throughout the site by Eimear Mulholland & the rest of the Maggie's Team!

We really appreciate people getting in touch and telling us about their visit to Maggie Mays.  It helps us improve our food & service. 

If you have enjoyed your visit, it is very much appreciated if you can leave us a review on TripAdvisor for the appropriate Maggie Mays.  Positive ratings on TripAdvisor really help our business.  Links to each Maggie Mays Trip Advisor are on this page.

If, for whatever reason, you felt that your visit to Maggie Mays was below a very high standard we would really appreciate if you get in touch and tell us what went wrong. This will allow us to act on the problem much quicker.